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    I had a sudden realization today. The Giants of Dark Souls 1, such as Gough, the Giant Blacksmith, the giants of Sen's Fortress, and the Giant Sentinels of Anor Londo...we never see their faces. They either wear masks (Blacksmith and fortress giants) or helmets that have no eyeholes (Gough and the sentinels). Now, let your imaginations run wild, my friends.

    They don't exactly bear much resemblance to the gods of Lordran or any of the other inhabitants. I don't think that the gods were giants at all. They fall into their own category, in my opinion. Like Nito, the living skeleton, or the deformed snake-legs, Gwyndolin. Perhaps those that bear a powerful soul have the ability to increase or decrease their size. I.e. Ornstein going through one…

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  • Brutal Templar

    The title explains itself well enough, so I had best get to talking about things other than how much I will be forgetting that this exists. I suppose this would be a good place to reveal my own lore theories and receive feedback on them. 

    Part of my theory already having been stated earlier, I'll repost it here.

    I like the idea that the original owners of the soul have ingrained their personality into their souls. This would explain why Drangleic is so reminiscent of Lordran, even though they may or may not be different places geographically. The inheritors of the Lord's souls have, on purpose or without knowing it, reshaped Drangleic to resemble Lordran to give it the same feel it had during the events of the first game.

    The lord of Brightst…

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