• Cement Plant


    April 28, 2014 by Cement Plant

    The widely accepted version of Dark Souls lore goes like this: Pygmy created humanity as direct opposition to the Lords, and Humanity is the Dark Soul. There is one problem with that theory, and it's the Age of Dark. This is an attempt at an alternate theory.

    The intro estabilishes Age of Fire as something positive; it clearly shows a human city when the words "Thus began the Age of Fire" are spoken, implying that Age of Fire equals civilization. Conversely, when intro talks about Age of Dark, it shows a graveyard, Anastacia grabbing fading embers, and a corpse. Furthermore, we are told that Curse of the Undead is a result of Age of Fire ending and Age of Drak beginning, and it's a curse that only affects the living(obviously) which humans …

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