Good moring ladies and gentlemen, I am currently writing this a 4:30 in the morning, so keep that in mind when you read this. I should also mention that this is my first blog post about DKS. I've done one for Halo 3, and two or three on assorted Call of Duty games on a previous account that went downhill. This blog is all speculation on the environment of Sen's Fortress and Anor Londo. These are my ideas over the past few weeks after looking at the some certain areas around Sen's and Anor Londo and are not proven through any fact by Fromsoft. Anyways, after this short disclaimer, let's get into the blog.

The Gateway Breach Theory

    At certain areas in Sen's Fortress, all of them being in the upper area, there are some bridges that lead to the wall that is Anor Londo, that almost appear to have a gateway that's collasped. Now, there are some pretty mean creatures in Sen's Fortress. Serpent Men, Giants, and an Iron Gollem, almost seems like a small army. Sen could have been a general, a leader of an attack force on the walls of Anor Londo. They could have been attacking Anor Londo, perhaps as a rebel force. Giants were part of Anor Londo, they still are. The Giants in Sen's fortress seem to be wearing similer garb, albeit much more worn. Are they the rebellion? Are the Serpent Men, Giants, and Iron Gollem the remenants of a defeated army? The ruthless serpent men circulated in places no man should belong like the Duke's Archives? Looking into the series further, the same things happen in Castle Drangleic. The Alone Knights of the Iron Keep make later appearances in Castle Drangleic, as Vendric had rule over all the kingdoms, and they were the only one to really have a standing army, all the others having monsters rather than an army. Back to Dark Souls. The same thing happens! Sen's Fortress, a defeated husk of its former self, is turned into a trapped stronghold as a test to those that wish to reach Anor Londo. Sen's Fortress, a mere plane for an adventurer to trap a person to keep them from saving the world or damning it.  Could it be true? I don't know, but it can be inferred, makes more sense than Solaire being Gwyns first son, gives me the willie's just thinking about it.

    Thank you for reading ladies and gentlemen, have a good morning, and if you have anything to say, just say it in the comments. But none of that disrectful bull-shit. Have something good to say and not "I'm right you're wrong". This is speculation, not hard fact. Bye-bye!

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