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October 17, 2012
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  • Cosmicsilver

    I'm Alive

    November 6, 2015 by Cosmicsilver


    Well, it's been 6 months since I left the Wiki. I think it's about time I came back. So yeah. Where have I been? I've been going to college, working, and being in a relationship. All three of those things take up a loooot of time. But I'm here now.

    I know a lot of stuff about Dark Souls III was released. I will be honest, I've seen none of it. But I think it's about time to get this community lively again, so that we're ready for the launch of Dark Souls III. I'm not even honestly sure who is still here, hopefully there are still a few of the people who used to edit frequently hanging around somewhere.

    No matter what, though, I'm looking forward to these next few months. It's a long road, but I think we'll make it as soon as the community…

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  • Cosmicsilver

    Taking A Break

    May 5, 2015 by Cosmicsilver

    Hey everyone.

    I've been thinking about making this blog for a long time, and I wish I didn't need to, but it's been getting to me. I've essentially lost all my interest in Wikia, be it chat, editing, or participating on the Forums. I think it's time that I take an extended break from Wikia, as I don't want it to feel like a chore to me, but a fun hobby to have. And lately it's felt like a chore more than anything.

    I'm really sorry to do this and leave no active Admin behind. I'll still be available to be contacted at any time, either through Skype, Steam, or my Message Wall on the Wiki, as I will likely check up on the Wiki even during my break, just not actively contribute. If anything is needed, don't hesitate to ask me and I'll show up to…

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  • Cosmicsilver

    We're Just Editors

    March 10, 2015 by Cosmicsilver

    Hiya everyone. I'll be writing a half rant-half explanation blog here.

    So, recently I've noticed tensions escalating among certain users over some petty things, which have caused unnecessary conflict and clear disdain among a few users. There have also been a lot of recent instances in chat where bans have had to be issued after some very avoidable conflicts or situations. So I'd just like to say this: We are all just editors. No matter how big or little our contributions, each person on this Wiki is just as important as everyone else. The newest members of the Wiki are just as valuable as myself, Volknur, or any other contributor who has been on the site for years. The content you edit and create is what defines you as a user, not your edi…

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  • Cosmicsilver

    Hey all, I was bored, so I decided I'd compile a blog detailing the history of this Wiki. This blog will not cover any drama that unfolded in chat, because that's just silly stuff. Instead it will cover the major times of the Wiki and what caused it to be the awesome thing it is today.

    In the beginning, there was DS-Stooge who, unbeknownst to many, is the founder of this Wiki. He didn't do anything, and so the Wiki ended up how many Wikis do when they're abandoned by their founder: really bad. But then, there was fire! I mean, Fingyer. There was Fingyer, and with Fingyer came some good edits! Dark Souls references aside, Fingyer came by and found this Wiki, alone and Admin/Crat-less. So he went to the Community Central gods and asked to adop…

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  • Cosmicsilver

    State of the Wiki

    October 21, 2014 by Cosmicsilver

    Warning: This is a relatively long post, pretty much just outlining a few things I saw fit to get out there to the community. Please feel free to use this blog for further discussion on the topics I bring up.

    Hey there, as you all know, my name is Cosmicsilver. I'm an Administrator, and I've been on this Wiki for a little over two years now. I'm writing this blog post to give everyone an idea of how I personally believe things are going on the Wiki, and what I think we can do to change and improve. To start, I'd like to go over what is being done correctly. As of now, we are doing pretty well in terms of coming together on various issues and crafting fixes, allowing us to go forward. We have a sizeable community, when referring to the chat …

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