So a few days ago I was invading with Blue Eye Orb in the Kiln. I got this one guy who 1) Didn't spam sorceries/pyromancies/miracles. 2) Didn't even attempt at a backstab. 3) Didn't taunt when he killed me the first time I invaded. and 4) Allowed me to use my buffs without rushing me. We ended up fighting for a good 2 minutes our first duel. He killed me when we were both about one hit from death. I invaded him a second time and I was pissed because I had just gotten out of a gank with 3 people in full Giant's Armor. I ended up winning that time when I smashed him to the ground with my Demon's Greataxe because he missed a shot on me with his Uchi. The third time I invaded him I saw he was in the middle of going to Gwyn. I black crystaled out. I felt I had bothered him enough that day, but I was pleased that I had actually invaded a fun guy to PVP with 3 times in a row. As for the guy who ganked me, I fought him 3 times as well. I lost all three times. He camped my spawn waiting for me. I almost won on the third attempt because none of his buddies were with him. He just spammed one of the abyssal spells which is what killed me. So I'd like to ask, has anyone else invaded someone multiple times and it turned out to be a fun PVP fight? If so, please tell your story of how your guys' PVP went down. BTW I'm a level 146 with a strength build for anyone curious.

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