Let me start this off by saying I'm not happy to be making this post. I never thought I'd have to make something like this but something happened in chat yesterday that isn't right. I'm going to make this clear right now: I will absolutely never tolerate bullying of any kind in chat. Ever. Now as for why I had to make this post, someone was bullied via PM yesterday in chat. Unfortunately, I was not there for them to tell me and neither were other chat mods. I will not state who was bullied unless they specifically say I am allowed to reveal their identity. Now the person who was bullied is having trouble remembering who it was and I am unable to ban the bully. I will tell you this, whoever you were, you are no longer welcome in chat. If you join and the person who was bullied recognizes you as his/her bully, I will ban you. It's for this reason that I ask an official list of rules of the chat be created and posted somewhere so that anyone who joins the chat will understand our rules. I will be more than happy to help in the creation of them, I just need the help of an Admin to get them posted somewhere. 


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