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Well, it's been 6 months since I left the Wiki. I think it's about time I came back. So yeah. Where have I been? I've been going to college, working, and being in a relationship. All three of those things take up a loooot of time. But I'm here now.

I know a lot of stuff about Dark Souls III was released. I will be honest, I've seen none of it. But I think it's about time to get this community lively again, so that we're ready for the launch of Dark Souls III. I'm not even honestly sure who is still here, hopefully there are still a few of the people who used to edit frequently hanging around somewhere.

No matter what, though, I'm looking forward to these next few months. It's a long road, but I think we'll make it as soon as the community gets back on its feet. That's about all I've got for this post.

TLDR: I'm back! Get used to me.

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