Over the years the Dark Souls Community has inspired me. I found it amazing that a community built around playing one of the hardest games around; can be so helpful to each other, sure you get the occasional narcissist who believes they are the most overpowered player ever.

But behind all the backstabbers, gankers and hackers, I've seen a community with some of the most kind, considerate and emotionally attached people and i have had the pleasure in meeting some of them. Simply because of the fact that all these people know each other is through a game is staggering.

yesterday i was talking to a friend over skype who i met through Dark Souls and he said to me "Dark Souls community is not what it used to be, i remember when dark souls was filled with honorable fighters and joining the sunlight covenant was something of great worth. But now it's as if the game has been infected as the game itself has hollowed".

I have to agree with him its like peole just gave up and said "hey he's roll backstabbing im gunna do that" and suddenly people just found cheap and easy ways to get a kill sometimes i wonder if the community will ever be what it once was, a place of bravery with a dash of recklessness.

However there are some good players left, who still fight with honor, altough they are hard to find those people are worth fighting through all the "Hollows".

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