• Daifukkatsu

    Hello everyone. As some of you may have been aware, some of the guys at Wikia recently invited an editor of the wiki to a closed Bandai Namco press event in San Francisco, and I happened to be the only one that lived in the area that responded. It took place on the 28th, and I was fortunate enough to play the beginning of Dark Souls II for about 40 minutes.

    I'd first like to thank the guys at Wikia for offering to bring one of us along and for attending the event with me, Bandai Namco for hosting the event, and all of the Dark Souls Wiki admins and contributors – this post is for all of you, because without the wiki, I wouldn't have had this opportunity.

    I was told that the game is complete – what I played is essentially the finished product. …

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  • Daifukkatsu

    The Great Revival

    January 28, 2013 by Daifukkatsu

    I dislike incompleteness and misinformation.  For they are the enemies of knowledge, understanding, science and mankind.  Join me, so that we may vanquish that which is abhorrent to nature.  Let us build off of each other so that we may cast aside falsehood, strife and unknowing and start a New Age....

    In the Age of Unknowing the pages were unformed.  Shrouded by Confusion.  A land of void, errors and everlasting inconsistency.

    But then there was Inquisitiveness and with Inquisitiveness came an eagerness for the Truth.  Curiosity and speculation, opinions and frustration, and of course, fallaciousness and dissonance.

    Then from the Confusion they came and found the Objectiveness of Editors within the Unknowing.

    Fingyer, the first of the Admins.  …

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