I dislike incompleteness and misinformation.  For they are the enemies of knowledge, understanding, science and mankind.  Join me, so that we may vanquish that which is abhorrent to nature.  Let us build off of each other so that we may cast aside falsehood, strife and unknowing and start a New Age....

In the Age of Unknowing the pages were unformed.  Shrouded by Confusion.  A land of void, errors and everlasting inconsistency.

But then there was Inquisitiveness and with Inquisitiveness came an eagerness for the Truth.  Curiosity and speculation, opinions and frustration, and of course, fallaciousness and dissonance.

Then from the Confusion they came and found the Objectiveness of Editors within the Unknowing.

Fingyer, the first of the Admins.  The Gourmet and his mastery of the Source and Formatting.  Brainwasher5, the lord of Grammar and unending revisions.  And the furtive Contributors, so easily underestimated.

With the strength of Editors they challenged the Unknowing.  Their mighty keyboards pealed apart its mystery.  They weaved great word storms.  Vandals unleashed a miasma of lies and deceit.  But they did not betray the Truth.  And the Unknowing was no more.

Thus began the Age Knowing.

But soon the Inquisitiveness will fade and only inactivity will remain.  Even now there are only missing screen shots and endless nights amongst stat tables.

But in the future are seen rumors of mystery and a new beginning....  (im talking about dark souls 2)


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