• Danksoulsmang

    Play through help

    July 22, 2014 by Danksoulsmang

    Okay, When I first bought Dark Souls 2 I made a character called Corax. I spent ages making him because I was so hype for the game. But now I just cant seem to do as well as I did with him, It seemed as though I could do so much better with him, I would have better luck from random drops, and I would always do boss battles quicker. 

    I had a few months break from the game, and now i find it really hard to hold onto souls and do PvP, I have been playing for a few weeks, and I am finding the game a bit of a chore. And I came to the conclusion that It may have been patched.

    So please could someone link me to the patched that have happened since 20th of May please?

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