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GoldRoninMifune, a samurai class idea


Tap the Name above to look at this samurai class. Any starting class really, but warrior str and dex are already the same, so I thought it would be easier to level both stats. 40 in str, dex, vit, and end may seem like a waste, but high hp, max stamina, and crazy parameter bonuses from both str and dex seems like it is worth it. Can be Converted to dex build if you ignore str after 14 in str, and switch out comp bow with BBoP and Wash. Pole out with another Uchi or Chaos (whichever you choose, I am fine with original build)


Med. Poise, Decent Parry, 2hand Wash. Pole for boss, and high ranged damage


No shield, Most (if not all) bosses cannot be parried, and low durability of weapons (worth the risk, and cancelled out by repair powder)

Rate in comments as __/10, and any improvements as well. Thanks for reading!

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