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Just having some fun!

If you didn't for any reason read the title, this blog post is purely for fun, so pls don't leave me any hate comment.

What i do want you to leave, however, is information about your favorite weapon, armor, ring etc.

Here are mine:

Favorite weapon: Nothing in general, although i am fond of large weapons, namely Zweihander and Grant. Also liking Ricard's Rapier and Quelaaq's Furysword.

Favorite shield: Crest Shields, Eagle Shield and Sanctus.

Favorite armor set: Elite Knight set, Solaire's set and Paladin set. I'm also fond of Havel's set, although i don't use it that much because it's heavy and using it in pvp is seen as "cheating".

Favorite ring: DWGR and Ring of Favor and Protection.

Favorite miracle: Heal, Lighting Spear and Wrath of God.

Faforite sorcery: Don't have one right now.

Favorite pyromancy: Great Chaos Fireball and Great Combustion.

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