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  • DerpKnight

    Hi guy i'm back from a massive holiday, so I though id come back with a blog so everyone knows that there is a dark souls 2 coming out and everyones giving out there opinions on what they want in the game but tbh the only thing I want in the game is.........BEARDS!! I just love making all my characters have beards but I want like really high def beards thats all I wnat it can be darks souls 2.0 but as long as it has beards i'll be happy.

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  • DerpKnight

    PvP build ideas

    December 30, 2012 by DerpKnight

    Okay, hi guys I have completley run out of pvp build ideas so I ask you the dark souls community to share some good PvP builds but they must have a SL of 120-125 maximum.

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