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I have too much time on my hands... it's time for some good ol' Space Jam mix-up goodness, this time with Dark Souls! Come on and slam.

Dark Souls

Bosses and Enemies

  • Artorias, the Assist-Giver
  • Bell Gargoyles
  • Ceaseless Dunkage
  • Centerpede Demon
  • Coach Demon
  • Crossteam Priscilla
  • Dunklord Nito
  • Ornstein, the Dragon Slammer
  • Dunk Sun Gwyndolin
  • Four Superstars
  • Great Game Wolf Sif
  • Gwyn, Lord of the Center
  • Iron Baller
  • Moonlight Dribblefly
  • Point Guardian
  • Raca Demon
  • Rimwheel
  • Seath the Scoreless
  • Slammer Demon
  • Slamough
  • Manus, Father of the Assist
  • Swack Demon
  • The Anor Londo "Black Knights" (team)
  • The Anor Londo "Silver Knights" (team)
  • The Court of Chaos
  • Zoner Demon


  • Andre of Ascoria
  • Big Net Logan
  • Crestfallen Benchwarmer
  • Crestfallen Merchandiser
  • Draftseeker Frampt
  • Dunkstalker Kaathe
  • Dusk of Oolasteal
  • Gwynevere, Princess of Spotlights
  • Hawkeye Bogues
  • Kirk, Knight of Scores
  • Laurentius of the Great Jam
  • Oscore of Ascoria
  • Reah of Scorolund
  • Sieglinde of Catarima
  • Siegmeyer of Catarima
  • Solaire of Ascoria
  • The Witch of Dribblelith


  • Blade of Dunkmoon
  • Dunklord Servant
  • Dunkwraith
  • Forest Dunker
  • Warrior of Spotlight

Items and Concepts

  • Artorias' LBA Crest (Lordran Basketball Association)
  • Bells of the First Quarter
  • Scorekeepers
  • The First Game


  • Dunkroot Garden
  • Crystal Man-Cave
  • Hall of Fame (Catacombs)
  • Kiln of the First Game
  • Northern Undead Audition
  • The Juke Archives

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