“Chosen Undead. Your fate... is to succeed the Great Lord Gwyn. So that you may link the Fire, cast away the Dark, and undo the curse of the Undead.”

These were the words spoken to me by Frampt, the Kingseeker. I suppose, at the time, I was honored to hear his words. To know that you, above anyone else, are destined to cleanse the world of its impurities, and bring life back to a lifeless land. Those words spurred me on, even more than the assistance of the knight who appeared to free me from the Undead Asylum.

And so I ventured far. I killed the Chaos witch, and the Gargoyles which guarded the church. I rang the bells. I bested the fortress, despite its denizens best efforts to stop my advance. Not even the living armor which resided atop the fortress could best me. It was only once the beast had fallen from the highest point, that I realized my path was blocked. Caved in, by centuries past. That is when they appeared.

The demons, for that is what they appeared to be to me, must have sensed my intent. My sense of purpose. For they lifted me high into the sky, and over the mountains which kept this cursed land contained.

Even here, in this so called kingdom of the gods, nothing could stand up to me. My quest took me through their chambers, their abandoned halls adorned with great jewels and ornate carvings. And as I forged ahead, I began to feel something... odd. Something disheartening. I realized that nothing could stop me. No one could stand before my might. 

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