I don't know much about Dark Souls or Dark Souls II but I am a huge fan of both of these games.

Certain things I noticed about going from Dark Souls II to Dark Souls (Very weird transition)

1. Rolling

The rolling in Dark Souls II is very different from rolling in Dark Souls

a) In Dark Souls II you can roll at almost any enemy and dodge their attack (I don't like this for the fact that it takes away from the game being difficult)

b) In Dark Souls there are 3 different rolling types

   1) Fast Roll

   2) Medium Roll

   3) Slow Roll (Fat Roll)

c) But in Dark Souls II there are only 2 types of rolling

   1) Fast Roll 

   2) Slow Roll (Fat Roll)

2. Backstabbing

Backstabbing seems to be different to me

a) Backstabbing seems to be harder to do in Dark Souls than in Dark Souls II

(If i'm wrong then please let me know)

3. Movement

The movement is extremely different to me

a) In Dark Souls your equipment load determines your players speed (Walking and Running)

It also affects your stamina recovery (Heavier armors also affect this too)

b) But in Dark Souls II your equipment load doesn't play a huge role in your stamina recovery

(If you have anything you would like for me to add to this just message me)

(Also I will be updating this as soon as I find out more things and have more time)

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