aka Ari

  • I live in Hell
  • My occupation is Emperor
  • I am Wait a sec, let me check...
  • EmperorArietem

    1:Who do you think would win in a death match between:

    Artorias, Ciaran, Sif, Gough, Ornstein

    2: Who would win between:

    Gwyn, The Four Kings, Seath, Witch of Izalith, Manus

    If you want to say just post in comments. I will update this every now and then.

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  • EmperorArietem

    Hi, if anyone has replied to my first blog, they would know I am crap at PvP and really want to get started. I am very active in invasion, although, especially in DSII, I always get paired with the 'counter' if you will to the play style of that current character. An example being when attempting to get a token of spite so I could buy my precious scythe from titchy, I burned an ascetic in the Heide Bonfire because I heard that the red phantoms that spawned could get me said token. It didn't work, so I used my 5 cracked red eye orbs, and this is sorta how it went...

    • 1: I was experimenting with my melee build, and was plunged into a game against 3 players sniping across a bridge so I couldn't reach them. Even when I got my bow out, because I …
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  • EmperorArietem

    Hi.... This is just really to keep check of where and when my deaths are with my first character in the Company of Champions. So far I have none, but this is going to keep track of my failures...

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  • EmperorArietem

    Rat King Page

    March 23, 2014 by EmperorArietem

    Hi. I just want to say that I have recently created the page on the the Rat King (Character) and I am doing this to ask for any help adding to and editing the page. If anyone reads this, please add to the article.

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  • EmperorArietem


    March 21, 2014 by EmperorArietem

    I have 2 questions for anyone willing to answer:

    • For duelling on Dark Souls 1, should I use the Red Sign Soapstone or Eye of the Dragon?
    • Should I be light with sorcery or heavy with pyromancy?
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