This wiki is shit, we only have 2 active editors (me and LaVey), we got a shit load of stubs, and very in active staff. Lets just take a look at our current WAM score.

We are at 108, RU DkS wiki is at 18.

Now, lets look back to 2015.

We were at 36, now thats a huge fucking drop and just proves that something went wrong.

To fix this, we need more users. If we stay active, more editors will come. More users = more users.

If you wanna help out but dont have time or dont know how, please try to make at least 1 edit a day, and learn from the other editors and finish/copy that work.

Now, this aint gonna be easy, but I know we can be great again. But two or three users isnt going to do any of this.

So, we need to be more active, make more edits, and show these other wikis that we should not be ranked 108!

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