aka Dan

  • I live in North America
  • I was born on October 12
  • My occupation is None
  • I am Male
  • Bio I do words a lot
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    This wiki is shit, we only have 2 active editors (me and LaVey), we got a shit load of stubs, and very in active staff. Lets just take a look at our current WAM score.

    We are at 108, RU DkS wiki is at 18.

    Now, lets look back to 2015.

    We were at 36, now thats a huge fucking drop and just proves that something went wrong.

    To fix this, we need more users. If we stay active, more editors will come. More users = more users.

    If you wanna help out but dont have time or dont know how, please try to make at least 1 edit a day, and learn from the other editors and finish/copy that work.

    Now, this aint gonna be easy, but I know we can be great again. B…

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