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  • Fingyer

    The Gravelord Effect

    May 19, 2013 by Fingyer

    Hello fellow contributors! I have decided to venture out into Lordran and discover all the wonderfully horrifying phantoms that your friendly Gravelord Servants are kind enough to insert into your world! Credit must also be given to my friendly Gravelord Servants Tolz and Johncandyman! I'll be updating this as I get the time to check out all the areas. Areas are done in no particular order.

    I have also confirmed the following:

    • You can be Gravelorded if your boss is alive or dead in that area.
    • You can be Gravelorded while alive, or hollow.

    In the first area, there are two red phantoms: an Armored Hollow with a Battle Axe and another one that has a sword and a shield.

    In the second photo, there is one Battle Axe Armored Hollow. I'm not 100% sure …

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  • Fingyer

    My Edits

    April 25, 2012 by Fingyer

    EDIT: This post is now irrelevant because I have a bot to make these changes for me now!

    Don't be alarmed if I make a number of edits within a few seconds.

    I am doing this using Auto Wiki Browser (AWB). It's not a full time bot, I have to input what changes I want to make and approve every one of them.

    I'm using it to make edits such as linking all the little damage icons to their respective pages, adding categories en masse and making various clean-ups like removing unnecessary spaces, putting the title of the article within the article in bold, removing repeat links on a page (if a link to a certain page appears twice), changing underscores to spaces (where they are unnecessary) and fixing capital letters in categories.

    If you have any issues…

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  • Fingyer

    Concerning Weapons

    February 6, 2012 by Fingyer

    I happen to be very proud of my work on the Daggers page, what with adding all the tables and whatnot. But I feel that each weapon maybe deserves its own page after seeing pages of the likes of Drake Sword. It allows for much more descriptive writing to be put in, which can maybe have background information or tactics when using the weapon or something, I don't know.

    So yeah, basically we should put all the weapons like that, but get my tables, lop off the bit at the top which has basic information as that will be included in the right hand side thingy and just put it at the bottom to show the damage for the upgrades and whatnot~.

    I would do it, but I have been fairly busy lately, I'll try to get around to it but if anyone else wants to have…

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