Gravelord mark

The "You're about to have fun" Mark.

Hello fellow contributors! I have decided to venture out into Lordran and discover all the wonderfully horrifying phantoms that your friendly Gravelord Servants are kind enough to insert into your world! Credit must also be given to my friendly Gravelord Servants Tolz and Johncandyman! I'll be updating this as I get the time to check out all the areas. Areas are done in no particular order.

I have also confirmed the following:

  • You can be Gravelorded if your boss is alive or dead in that area.
  • You can be Gravelorded while alive, or hollow.

Undead Burg

2013-05-22 00001

One guy with an axe, and one guy with a sword!

In the first area, there are two red phantoms: an Armored Hollow with a Battle Axe and another one that has a sword and a shield.

2013-05-22 00004

Battle Axe!

In the second photo, there is one Battle Axe Armored Hollow. I'm not 100% sure on where he ran at me from, it was either from inside the building or up the stairs... it may have been the stairs.

2013-05-22 00009

He brought backup!


There is one Hollow Soldier up the tower with the Crossbowman.

Undead Parish

2013-05-22 00010

Terrible picture, but there's three in there.

There's three red phantom Zombies in the room that has a lot of zombies already.

2013-05-22 00011

(recovering from a riposte at the moment)

There's an additional red phantom Balder Knight in the room with the other three at the start of the church. He was on the other side of the room as to what is shown in the screenshot.

2013-05-22 00015

Yay! Awesome!

And last but definitely not least, there's a red phantom Berenike Knight that hangs around the lifts.

Darkroot Garden

Gravelord darkroot garden

Four Red Phantom Stone KnightsFOUR. All at once.

It was awful! I totally goofed the first time out of suprise and they killed me fairly quickly.

2013-05-19 00003

One hit of damage. This is shortly before I died.

There were no Red Phantoms in Darkroot Basin or anywhere else in the Garden.

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