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    Calculations are based the output of an algorithm using a variety of data input. Relative measures are the largest factor in determing placement with regards to magnitude.

    The Default of 50 is the supposed societal norm. What one(society in this case) would expect of another reasonable human within a homogenous modern society in a public space.

    50 to 84.1

    84.1 to 97.7

    97.7 to 99.8

    99.8 to 100

    Frisson 92

    Fingyer 87

    Cain 84

    Aranel 72

    Lucky 65

    Chilla 63

    Derp 63

    Brain 60

    Jarcellon 60

    Ghost 58

    Saiya 55

    Cosmic 52

    Volknur 50

    Godric 48

    Balagog 42

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  • Frisson Seeker

    I think I may have found the two folders where attack and defence are calculated. I'm doing a bit more research into  it before sharing more.

    I just learned this less than 6 hours ago with no tutorial, this is entirely self taught so bare with my newbieness.

    In the Dark Souls(PC) DATA folder, there are 5 .bdt files and a corresponding .bhd5 file. The .bhd5 are header files for unpacking the files.. The four bdt files: dvdbnd0.bdt, dvdbnd1.bdt, dvdbnd2.bdt, and dvdbnd3.bdt contain the data we are looking for . The .bdt files are a zlib filetype(look it up if you want to know more. So, any zlib program can unpack them.

    The file sizes and breakdown:

    dvdbnd0: 1 738 625 KB

    • 9731 Files
      • 595 .bnd
      • 1 .edf (Hex gives nothing)
      • 27 .eld (Hex gives nothing)
      • 21 .ev…

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