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    My Poetry

    January 24, 2014 by Ghost105
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    The Mountain

    There was a man who thought he could accomplish anything

    He had hunted ferocious beasts across the world

    And amassed treasures both rusted and gleaming

    But though he had conquered chaotic jungles and orderly empires

    He wanted more; he wanted to conquer the earth itself

    So he traveled to Nepal, a land filled with rocky spires

    And there he saw his prize

    A mountain so massive and majestic

    Its sight could hypnotize

    The locals warned him, none of its climbers had survived

    But this didn’t stop him; it only made him want it more

    For if he backed down, his ego would feel deprived

    And so the sherpas lead him up the mountain

    The sherpas feared for their lives

    But the glee the man felt, he could hardly contain

    On the mountain, the bones of me…

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