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The Mountain

There was a man who thought he could accomplish anything

He had hunted ferocious beasts across the world

And amassed treasures both rusted and gleaming

But though he had conquered chaotic jungles and orderly empires

He wanted more; he wanted to conquer the earth itself

So he traveled to Nepal, a land filled with rocky spires

And there he saw his prize

A mountain so massive and majestic

Its sight could hypnotize

The locals warned him, none of its climbers had survived

But this didn’t stop him; it only made him want it more

For if he backed down, his ego would feel deprived

And so the sherpas lead him up the mountain

The sherpas feared for their lives

But the glee the man felt, he could hardly contain

On the mountain, the bones of men slumbered

The man saw them as feeble and sad

For a stronger man wealth and fame waited to be plundered

Higher and higher he went, as the sherpas began to plead

For him to stop and return to safety

The man grew angry, demanding they leave and watch him succeed

They left him to his fate

With them gone he began to ascend

But as he felt the howling win, his mind started to debate

Whether or not to return to safety below

He soon discarded this thought

In fact his drive seemed only to grow

Inside of his heart, there burned a raging fire

However, this flame began to wither

In the great mountain’s ire

His vision began to blur

And when he prayed for strength

His words were a slur

Crumpling to the ground covered in ice

Only while he lay there

Did he begin to heed the people’s advice

And so another man died

Trying to conquer the unconquerable mountain

In a foolish quest driven by pride.

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O glorious sun, you give us your warmth

Life could not exist without your light

Beautiful flowers bloom for you

Trees grow tall to reach you

When you rise, the world awakens

And when you set, it slumbers

But even as night falls upon us

Your brothers dot the night sky

How magnificent you are to have shaped our world

And how lucky we are to bask in your gross incandescence


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