• GreyAlestor((Mana))

    Im not the most Vaunguard player of the Souls series, but i like to think that i can hold my own with a good run of the games. Im still preety fresh into the newest additon to the souls searies -Dark souls 3- Ive ran through Demon souls, Dark souls one, and Dark souls 2. Hell ive even ran through bloodborn. Still i like to take my time to study how the Leveling changes throughout the games. Yes they may seem like they have almost identical clones to each game for the leveling system, but the fact remains that they have been ither improved, or rebalenced for each game. So far within the setting of Dark souls 3 ive found it abit hard to start as one of the bigger classes and lvl with a great degree. The first thing to throw forth is the Soul…

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