During my struggles with trying to figure out how to create infoboxes, I've come across a few pages from sources throughout this wiki and the media wiki's page. I've gathered the sources I use for information and compiled them into one place for anyone who may want to try their hand at created boxes for our wonderful wiki. 

  • For information on how to create and code info boxes, click here.
  • For information on how to create a nav box click here.
  • For information on how to create a tab or infoboxes including tabs click here.
  • For information on adding an interior scrolling feature inside the infobox click here.
  • For a Dark Souls sample infobox with viewable source code click here.

For Bloodmoon24's  instructions for filling out already coded templates click here and scroll down a bit to his message. 

To see the boxes already created, click the following:

I've also stumbled upon an infobox called a "wikitable". Wikitables are much easier to construct and are recommended by the staff at wikia to help with portability issues (i.e. viewing on a cellphone or tablet). You can find detailed steps on how to create a wikitable here.

I hope this helps anyone interested in creating inboxes. I struggled for a while trying to figure out how they work. This wiki comes equipped with parser functions already pre-coded into it by former admins. I haven't quite figured out which one are used or the codes denoting which functions we have available to us. Once I figure that out I'll update this blog with all relevant information.

Happy editing,


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