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    Some time ago, I realized that one thing was missing from Dark Souls, and that was background music. Sure, the silence does indeed add to the effect of suspense and thrill, and possibly even rage I guess. Thats all fine and dandy, but after one playthrough, you kinda know everything, and the lack of music (especially when farming for items or souls) becomes annoying and boring. So, I scoured my memory of background music, as well as asked the opinion of you guys, and I've completed the list.

    Undead Burg - Wind Waker: Hyrule Castle

    Undead Parish - Wind Waker: Hyrule Castle

    Depths - Majora's Mask: Great Bay Temple

    Blighttown - Ocarina of Time: Shadow temple

    Ash Lake - Okami: Prologue

    Darkroot Forest - Ocarina of Time: Forest Temple

    Darkroot Basin -…

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  • Henzukaya

    Titan build on Dark Souls

    January 28, 2014 by Henzukaya

    Ran into a guy, who I can onlny assume was hacking, as we did 1600 bleed damage and he was only at like half health. He claimed afterwards, after almost killing 3 people at once, that he was using something called Titan Build. what the hell is it?

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  • Henzukaya

    One of the only letdowns about Dark Souls was the lack of background music, aside from boss rooms and Firelink Shrine and Ash Lake (which I hated the theme for). So, I'm making a list of songs from various video games that I feel suit locations well, or at least fit moderately. Anyone got any suggestions? Prerequisite: song must not be 8 bit and must be at least slightly creepy sounding.

    I currently need themes for the following:

    Northern Undead Asylum

    Undead Burg

    Undead Parish



    Great Hollow

    Ash Lake

    Darkroot Basin

    Sen's Fortress

    Duke's Archives

    Demon Ruins


    Tomb of the Giants

    Kiln of the First Flame

    All of Oolacile

    Any suggestions or thoughts about what the songs should be like for the place would help a lot.


    Forgot to menti…

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