Some time ago, I realized that one thing was missing from Dark Souls, and that was background music. Sure, the silence does indeed add to the effect of suspense and thrill, and possibly even rage I guess. Thats all fine and dandy, but after one playthrough, you kinda know everything, and the lack of music (especially when farming for items or souls) becomes annoying and boring. So, I scoured my memory of background music, as well as asked the opinion of you guys, and I've completed the list.

Undead Burg - Wind Waker: Hyrule Castle

Undead Parish - Wind Waker: Hyrule Castle

Depths - Majora's Mask: Great Bay Temple

Blighttown - Ocarina of Time: Shadow temple

Ash Lake - Okami: Prologue

Darkroot Forest - Ocarina of Time: Forest Temple

Darkroot Basin - Ocarina of Time: Forest Temple

Sen's Fortress - Castlevania 64: Clocktower

Anor Londo - Metroid Prime 3: Skytwon

Dark Anor Londo - Twilight Princess: Hyrule Castle

Painted World - Paper Mario: Crystal Palace

Duke's Archives - Kingdom Hearts 2: Sacred Moon

Crystal Cave - Ocarina of Time: Ice Cavern

Demon Ruins - Twilight Princess: Goron Mines

Lost Izalith - Twilight Princess: Goron Mines

New Londo Ruins - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Rings of Fate: Secluded World Isolation

Catacombs - Okami: Cursed Hana valley

Tomb of the Giants - Diablo 2: Cave

Kiln of the First Flame - Chaos Legion: Blood Remains

Oolacile Sanctuary - Ocarina of Time: Forest Temple

Oolacile Township - Kingdom Hearts 2: Sacred Moon

Chasm of the Abyss - Diablo 2: cave

The Asylum, Valley of Drakes, and Great Hollow have none, as I either couldn't find one that fit well, or I felt wasn't important or large enough to deserve one. Go ahead and tell me your opinion, what you would choose instead of a song for a location, or if it doesn't sound right at all. In my opinion, some of the songs fit perfectly, but others just barely make the cut suhc as Blighttown, Demon ruins, Tomb of the Giants, and Undead Burg and Parish. If you have suggestions for those, I desperately (kinda) need em.

Anyone know if theres a mod where I can implement these into the game or know how I can do that?

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