One of the only letdowns about Dark Souls was the lack of background music, aside from boss rooms and Firelink Shrine and Ash Lake (which I hated the theme for). So, I'm making a list of songs from various video games that I feel suit locations well, or at least fit moderately. Anyone got any suggestions? Prerequisite: song must not be 8 bit and must be at least slightly creepy sounding.

I currently need themes for the following:

Northern Undead Asylum

Undead Burg

Undead Parish



Great Hollow

Ash Lake

Darkroot Basin

Sen's Fortress

Duke's Archives

Demon Ruins


Tomb of the Giants

Kiln of the First Flame

All of Oolacile

Any suggestions or thoughts about what the songs should be like for the place would help a lot.


Forgot to mention, suggestions for locations not mentioned are also appreciated.

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