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  • Hereticalthoughts

    Behold! I have the truth for everything in Dark Souls 3! From the identity of the Firstborn to the nature of the undead and the relationship between Dark and Fire to why Onionbros have onion shaped armor! Be forewarned about spoilers, for I'm not holding back on what I'm about to tell you down below!

    Lets start with...

    Your nan.

    Happy belated April Fools, hope youl liked the lame joke.

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  • Hereticalthoughts

    Hello again everyone, Hereticalthoughts here with another crackpot theo... bit of speculation concerning the Dark Spirit known as... the Nameless Usurper.

    There will be spoilers, if you have not yet played Dark Souls 2 and would rather not have elements from the game revealed, I would advise you not to read this blog page.

    This Dark Spirit and her identity is certainly one of the more hotly debated ones in Dark Souls 2 because of her almost identical appearance to an npc known as Licia of Lindelt, a cleric with less than divine motives, it would seem. The evidence put forth towards this is rather solid, as the Usurper is certainly of the same build as Licia, wears the same clothing, and most players can easily decipher that our little nun is h…

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  • Hereticalthoughts

    Good evening everyone, Hereticalthoughts here yet again to monologue on a rather popular theory among many within the Dark Souls community regarding our favorite shipping and mutant bastard child respectively.

    Seathe and Gwynevere, and their (alleged) love child, Priscilla.

    So, before I force my opinion upon you, allow me to iterate the gist of this theory.

    A while before Gwyn decided it'd be a smashing idea to go to his old camp ground, douse himself in gasoline and light himself on fire along with a good portion of his army, he was a family man who had three children. One was a jock with a hardon for weaponry who got thrown out for being too lazy to make sure some rather important documents weren't stolen, the middle child was a red haired …

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  • Hereticalthoughts

    Good evening ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, undead and hollows, sunbros and Dark Wraiths, Red Team vs Blu Team, etc. etc. until the end of time as we know it. Your resident heretic here, bringing some more thoughts out onto the blog for your viewing interests, I take no responsibility for whether you enjoy this bit of typing or not, nor if you are offended or agree, though I can certainly hope for responses of any sort as I do love dissent and debate.

    As a person who's been playing the Souls games and been in contact with the community since around 2012 give or take a month or so, I've met quite a few people in the community, and like the rest of our shared species of Homo Sapiens Sapiens these people have many different traits that de…

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  • Hereticalthoughts

    So as yet another blog written within a relatively short time period, I have found myself curiously investigating and taking notes on the Undead physiology in comparison to baseline human physiology out of a desire to better understand the Undead Curse for the sake of immersion in the Souls series.

    Note that this is purely speculation and much of this is based on assumptions and interpretations of dialogue and behavior, as well as some facts regarding certain charcters that may or may not be relevant. Now to start...


    Nervous System/Senses:

    There is little to no information or dialogue relating to the nervous system or senses, and as players we largely experience being undead through a character for whom "yes" and "no" are his/her whole vocab…

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