Hello everybody, i am formerly known as the crazy mega bitch of the dark souls wikia chat, Tufoulerti River Celestia Neito.

That is right the one that betrayed member's excpectation by building up a false truth is back on track.

As said by the title of this blog i'll be coming clean : Everything that i've told you about who i was, is a complete and utterly made up lie that came out right out of my head. "Why did i lie" you might ask, i'll just answer that i've seen my lot of personal trouble and it was easier to be who i want to be by building up this reality than telling the truth.

The only thing that i did not buid up was my personality which was, to my eyes, more fitting for the character that i built up than the real me. Anyway, identity crisis aside you might ask a bunch of question 

"How can we trust you ?" Honestly you can't if you are trusting my will

"What's the point ?" I feel more relaxed here so that's what i am comming back

"Go fuck yourself !" Probably if you are willing to pay, Teehee ;)

For good ol' time sake and to burry it once and for all i'll use it one more time because why not

~Nyohohoho, The Megabitch of Dark souls wikia chat, Tufoulerti River Celestia Neito 🔪

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