Simply, thoughts...

Size in Dark Souls is like real life. Or is it? You may be big and capable of massive hurt, but to the Chosen few (many), it doesn't matter if your behinds are kickable.

All the non-human dude-bodies and some human dude-bodies are massive; even just a few inches larger than the player, like Gwyn or Artorias and the Berenike soldiers. This is meant to display their physical strength. Gwyndolin, although a god, is regular-sized, because his forte is magic. Ciaran is also regular-sized because if you are an assassin you probably don't want to be sticking out above everyone else, and you don't need strength so much as dexterity to swiftly bleed or poison your target to death. The same goes for Pyromacy; and Quelana is once again, no larger. 

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