I'm going to let out a little something at ya. Don't worry, it's not volatile and you've probably read it somewhere from someone else before. 

Anyone who has completed Dark Souls should know as soon as the cutscene starts after pressing new game, that there is a form of disparity with the previous game. One being the immediate access to bonfire-porting that was present in Demon's Souls (correct me if I'm wrong). While not commonly seen as a negative alteration, it is however, the case for people like me. Accessible, yes; lacking depth/reason, also yes. As all are aware, Dark Souls has much hidden for the imagination, but the thing is, bonfire-porting was something you earned in Dark Souls 1, along with understanding what item triggers it. To top it off, it was a well-designed journey getting there. Who knows? They probably decided almost immediately that "Hey! We're making it accessible so that means we don't want people hating the game after spending hourse travelling so just design the levels individually without figuring out how they connect!" Or vise versa!!!...  

I can choose to avoid teleporting from bonfire to bonfire. Although when you accidentally rest at a place, even knowing it was bound to happen, and then not even a nanosecond later realizing you can't get the ring anymore unless you restart, you can't help but be a bit sad because it's actually not worth it. Especially since time, as we know it, exists. Still would have been fun to use the ring though.

It all makes sense seeing that the majority of those who worked on Dark Souls II did not work on previous Souls games. I hate that... Oh well. Time to role-play-game some more!!!!!

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