Winged beasts of boundless age continue to be molded, painted, and drawn throughout history

A mélange of gods and goddesses evolved from a birth of multitudinous religions and beliefs that defied the beasts

Imperfect dragons served to reflect the end and its two faces

The wise were rewarded for their sins as witches blew a storm of turmoil throughout the land

Many gravitated toward their most bountiful blessing: the fire of thine Earth and the light the sun hath giveth

We are lowly servants but only those who venture too far into the flame may see what had risen from the higher being's own

Its design of the foulest of intentions vies only with the putrid dark

Altering the course of nature will only abolish thine own existence

Forsaken mistakes shall doom the responsible after the corruption commences

The souls of which were once faithful and obedient to the will of the Lords now further spread the darkness, abandoning the covenant of everlasting life, and acquiescing to the omnipresent death and disease

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