So, blogs.  I frequent several Dark Souls websites and I see a lot of people complaining about things like Soul Memory, that person used an Estus Flask, that person didn't bow before the dual, etc. I don't PvP very much, I started in the Rat King Covenant recently. This way, I can get babied into PvP while not really affecting other players. This is not to say that I haven't experienced a lot of OP things in PvP; my internet connection is not friendly towards that, unfortunately.  So, I don't have many of these experiences that everyone seems to have all the time. While there is a lot of validity to the complains such as people summoning you into a gank squad or spawn camping your summon sign location, I feel that everybody needs to calm down and remember a very key fact. THIS IS DARK SOULS. This game is designed to challenge and have you gain enough skill to surpass and rise above the challenges that you face. So, whenever I get all huffy about something I go, "Oh, yeah. I'm playing Dark Souls. Dark Souls isn't fair." For me Dark Souls is a fun way to feel like you are accomplishing something. When I succeed in something in Dark Souls, I am like, "Wow. I did that. I couldn't do that before. This is AWESOME." Some of my friends and I do a lot of co-op play for this reason. To adventure into a hard game that has a rich environment and a lot of hidden lore. I suppose I really don't understand why people would complain about this stuff. I just, like, play the game man...

TL;DR:  It's a game.  If you aren't having fun, don't play it, I guess.

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