I'm Just Saiya-jin

aka who needs to know?

  • My occupation is femina stolam flavum geret est.
  • I'm Just Saiya-jin

    Hey everyone! Haven't been active on here in a while, so consider this a sort of re-entering.

    I'll also keep this up for any cosplay ideas I come up with from time to time, and for all of you to put your nice stuff.

    With that aside, right now I have two set-ups at the moment that I'd like to show. Firstly : 

    The one and only praiser of the Sun himself, Solaire of Astora !

    • This build is a cosplay of, who else, Solaire, and is based around him armour set, NPC spell usage (other than Sunlight Spear, which is just for difference's sake), stuff like that.
    • This can honestly just be used with any faith-based build, the only thing set in stone is the armour and weapon set-up, maybe the ring just because I can.
    • I'm not really too sure about the cuffs ; Ad…

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