Pretty much writing down all the #FashionSouls setups I've found through testing various builds, will update as I remember setups.

Pyro Knight/Rose Knight/Knight of Thorns

Head: Heide Iron Helm

Chest: Alva Armour

Arms: Heide Gauntlets

Legs: Falconer's Boots/Lucatiel's Trousers

Right Hand: Zweihander/Fire Flamberge, Fire Longsword/Fire Uchigatana, Notched Whip

Left Hand: Poison Blossom Kite Shield, RAW Avelyn, Pyromancy Flame

Rings: Ring of Blades, Ring of Thorns, Bracing Knuckle, Southern Ritual Band


Dark Knight

Head: Mask of Judgement

Chest: Throne Defender's Armour

Arms: Throne Defender's Gauntlets

Legs: Throne Defender's Leggings

Right Hand: Fire Black Knight Ultra Greatsword, Dark Grand Lance, Dark Sunset Staff

Left Hand: Drakekeeper's Greatshield, Dark Chime of Want, Pyromancy Flame

Rings: (currently can't remember the rings will update when I can)


Hexer(name pending)

Head: Hexer's Hood

Chest: Agdayne's Armour

Arms: Agdayne's Cuffs

Legs: Faraam Boots

Right Hand: Darkdrift, Dagger, Dark Sunset Staff

Left Hand: Fire Chaos Rapier, Cursed Bone Shield, Pyromancy Flame

Rings: Southern Ritual Band, Northern Ritual Band, Clear Bluestone Ring, Bracing Knuckle


Dark Sentinel

Head: Royal Swordsman Helm

Chest: Benhart's Armour

Arms: Royal Swordsman Gauntlets

Legs: Elite Knight Leggings

Right Hand: Dark Pike, Dark Lion Greataxe, Dark Lost Sinner's Greatsword

Left Hand: Benhart's Parma, Dark Idol Chime, Dark Alonne Greatbow

Rings: (can't remember the rings I used will update when I do)


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