Ishimura Elite

aka Ishi

  • I live in a caboose
  • I was born on June 14
  • My occupation is Certified Toast Eater
  • I am playing Persona 5
  • Ishimura Elite


    "I've heard this game is super good, I liked Dark Souls 2 a lot and I beat it like 50000 times across multiple characters so I think I know how to play the game. I'll just pick it up and see how I do, I can't wait! People say Dark Souls 2 is shit and Dark Souls 1 is like the best thing ever, it's gonna be super cool!"

    He said, ignorant enthusiasm glittering in his eyes.

    Okay, let's do this, put the game disc in.

    Oh, what lovely music, putting me into a false sense of security for the ass raping I'm about to receive. Alright, start button, new game.

    Intro cinematic, hey, I have no clue what the hell this lady is going on about. Hey, it's that dead guy made up of a thousand dead guys. Some weird lady holding fire, don't burn…

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