Hello again! :) For those of you playing on a PS3, I'd like to make your acquaintance!

As some of you may have noticed from my earlier questions and comments, I come from the Final Fantasy MMORPG genre, and so my character seems very lonely running around this big empty world. Soul farming may go even faster with two players. Perhaps we could build team tactics to take down tough opponents and mini-bosses, for example. I’d like to try more co-op at the very least for the sake of having some company while killing and exploring.

I’d also be interested in some friendly PvP. Other newbies are welcome, as are the more experienced players; with the intention being not to parry-spam or 1-hit kill one another but to improve general PvP fighting skill or perhaps just to try out a new build.

Please feel free to post comments below, or message me personally if you don’t want your information made public.

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