I'm currently going through NG with a Cleric, focusing on Faith and Strength. I've been using the Large Club for the past week or so, and while I'm still just getting used to it, what other weapons would you folks recommend, for PvE as well as PvP? Specifically, is there another weapon that scales with strength which offers better DPS than the large club?

My PvE style has been to use lightning spear and great lightning spear to kill most enemies from a distance (with the dusk ring I get plenty of spells to throw), and to use my large club when they block my spells or otherwise force me to close in. Wrath of the gods as a last resort when surrounded or just farming items.

My PvP style thus far has been to start with great lightning spear, close in while they dodge the spell, block/dodge their attacks, and hit back with the large club's heavy swipe. WotG I keep on hand for gankers.

So far I've won 1/4 invasions, so your suggestions about equipment, miracles, or anything else would be appreciated. :)

Here is my current PvP build:

Thank you!

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