"Not for everyone" is how I normally describe the experience that is Dark Souls. It has been one that has caused me often times more stress than happiness, and God only knows the reasons I return to it for new challenges and ideas. (The verdict is still out, but were leaning toward "glutton for punishment").

Now, before any of you avid fans out there get upset with me, let me explain. I begin with saying this experience is not for everyone, because in reality, it really is not. Difficulty aside, it is a game that plays and handles unlike any other game I have ever touched. It isn't a game that has a tutorial, or any real explanation of what you need to do, unless you pay close attention to both dialogue from NPCs, and the lore attached to in-game items. It is a game that has branched out on its own, and for this, I do not find fault in it, but praise it! It truely is a game in its own league.

After I have explained this to whomever I am discussing this with, I always follow up with "But if you give it the time it deserves, this game will never dissapoint", and I feel like I have never once lied in saying this. I use the term "Epic" very carefully when describing an experience, either in games or movies, or even books, but Dark Souls is a game that deserves the title because not only is it brutally challenging, it is a world that is so filled with lore that I have played it through 5 times already and I am still learning new things about locations, NPCs, and weapons.

The great thing about Dark Souls is the versatility in its gameplay, and its openness to be anything you want. I have made power houses, spellswords, achers, and ninjas, and just recently I was requested to do a playthrough solely based on Sorcery, Faith, and Pyromancy. it's something I really haven't had alot of experience in, but it's something I'm excited to delve into, because it's a NEW EXPERIENCE.

That is what makes Dark Souls so great, because you can always do something new. It's a game that, for me atleast, never gets old, because the game is only limited by my imagination. So for those of you who maybe have seen it on shelves but have shyed away from it because of it's reputation, I urge you, give it a fair shot because I PROMISE YOU, if you give it the time it deserves, it will reward you with an experience you won't soon forget, and if the difficulty is something that worries you, know that you need not fight this battle alone. Souls veterans are ready and willing to help you, whether it's here on the wiki's, or through videos on Youtube! (I'll leave a link to my walkthrough at the bottom)

Above all else, the Souls community is a family that is willing to help and support if you need it, so don't hesitate to ask, and as we all prepare to die once again as Dark Souls 2 approaches, I would just like to say that this community is one of the best ones I have ever had the pleasure of being apart of.

Praise the sun![1]

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