Now this may at first seem to be a very personal blog, and it is, but give me time because I will swing thi around to Dark Souls.

I recently got out of a pretty bad break up, and it tore up both parties. The relationship was in the deep end, and was about to become marriage, and when it came to a crunching halt, I had to take the time to sit and figure out my life.

I lost where I was living, and help with paying some of my expenses. Life felt like I was trying to run through Blight Town at SL 1 with an unupgraded Longsword. Everything that was easy and simple became difficult and confusing. I've only felt this way once before, and that was when my first wife and I seperated and I was away from my son.

The only good thing about this situation was I knew what to expect from it this time. 2 weeks later, I'm sort of back on my feet, with a new place to live, with 3 other really cool guys.

Now, I said all that to show you that in real life, when you don't get do overs, or restarts, or respawns, you can overcome even the biggest hurdles in your life.

I have seen so many people in the Souls community who are clearly new to the game, and aren'tfamiliar with the punishing world they are about to step foot into. I do my best to offer a helping hand when I can, but to those who I can't or haven't spoken to directly, just know this: you may have screwed up the game to the point where you just want to quit, but don't give up on the game!

Whether you killed an NPC you wanted to keep alive, or a blacksmith who is crucial to your upgrade path, I'm here to tell you IT IS OKAY TO QUIT AND START OVER. I can't even count the number of times I have started that game over because of stupid mistakes I made. There is nothing wrong with it, and you should never let it deprieve you of this amazing game.

I'm here to tell you that you can quit, but don't ever, EVER give up. There is too much in the game, and in the real world, for you to just give up on it so easily.


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