Umm... Hey everyone

Some of you remember a young woman who joined this wiki few couple of years ago, contributed a lot and then vanished off the face of the Earth. She didn't die, hollow or flee from bandits, she just needed time to sort out her life. It's been a challenging year for me with losing touch with old school friends, severe stress at work, manic depression and losing a close friend to cancer. I wanted to take some time to recover myself and didn't want to drag you all into my problems.

There have been some positives though, I've made some new friends who have become a second family to me, had some nice holidays abroad and even found love. It's not been all bad and I decided it was time to return to this wiki.

I probably won't contribute much until Dark Souls 3 is out but I'll be popping into chat now and again. Sorry if I worried anyone, I needed some time to myself.

P.S: I have changed my name to Alexis (reasons why are personal)

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