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  • I live in Indianapolis
  • I was born on May 4
  • My occupation is Student
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  • Louis LeDuc

    So guys.... and gals. I have been wondering how you get to Co-op witha friend, but silly From Software made it a point that they dont want friends and family playing together because they think the random summons you get are better. That's there opinion and everyone else has theirs. Anyways, I hate the Silver Knight snipers that watch the walkway to the 2nd floor of Anor (Easy to fight, I know). And thought, "Hey, I could get some help! Maybe from an fellow editor?" So the day or two before, I heard that Volknur, an editor, was a Xbox player. So, I added him. Back to the story, I asked him for help. He said he would and we could try. Now is where those pesky servers come in. Volk and I sat for 10 minutes or so, trying for me to summon him.…

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