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So guys.... and gals. I have been wondering how you get to Co-op witha friend, but silly From Software made it a point that they dont want friends and family playing together because they think the random summons you get are better. That's there opinion and everyone else has theirs. Anyways, I hate the Silver Knight snipers that watch the walkway to the 2nd floor of Anor (Easy to fight, I know). And thought, "Hey, I could get some help! Maybe from an fellow editor?" So the day or two before, I heard that Volknur, an editor, was a Xbox player. So, I added him. Back to the story, I asked him for help. He said he would and we could try. Now is where those pesky servers come in. Volk and I sat for 10 minutes or so, trying for me to summon him. I got annoyed and thought maybe we could dashboard and start the game at the same time, it would work. We hadn't yet, but i wanted to see if there was any other ways. So i got on Google, looked for "How to be on the same server in Dark Souls?" and behold. An answer was given by, in my opinion: a lesser wiki, Wikispaces. There conclusion for server jumping was "Try putting down a Soapstone, works with White and apparently Red, and every 10 seconds try another and rinse and repeat until a friend or relative possibly sees it." Now hearing this I was skeptical, but I had asked Volk if he would try it out. After a couple of minutes... It had actually had worked! I was surprised! I couldn't think how such a simple action could get comrades into the heat of battle and enjoying the game. Sadly for me, I couldn't summon Volk. Probably connection issues or whatever, but it worked. Hopefully people read this and can get to playing with friends and family in no time (or a couple of minutes). If this gets some good views, I would like to turn this into a page if we don't have one.

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