1. buy vodka; 2. buy gummy bears (worms); 3. pour vodka into the box of gummies; 4. leave them there 24 hours; 5. replace shots by gummy bears (worms)

And here's a way to eat 15 gummy bears!!! depending on the rules in place of course: For this to work you need a boss that use arrows... Only one possibility in dark souls 3 if we are lucky, theres a boss in which you face another player... if they have a bow, up to 15 if not up to 9 so the rules:

Die on a boss +3 shots Death by arrows +2 shots Failure to reclaim souls +1 shots Human/Embered? Shots ×2 Have a phantom? +1 shots per phantom (applicable after the ×2, up to 3)

So, 3+2+1= 6 ×2= 12 +(1×3)= 15 shots or gummies