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  • I live in Yarnham
  • I was born on December 16
  • My occupation is to kill every npc I find useless the moment I meet them
  • I am not a cat, please stop petting me ಠ_ಠ
  • Luckystarz103

    No Bonfire run

    June 23, 2014 by Luckystarz103

    It was going so well, even with the mistakes I've made, I coud've still finished it, I just needed to deal with the two throners and Nashandra. Alas, I accidentally rested at a bonfire, and well I exited as quickly as I could but somehow idk now if I should keep going, I got the feeling that the game saved and now this run is ruined.

    I'm not entirely sure though, so I'd kinda like to hear your opinions, would you rather:

    • Finish the game but with risk of being extremely dissapointed
    • Or just give up and try it in another two runs or after the DLC events

    Personally I think I'd rather finish the game and be dissapointed, still knowing I made it so far in that run.

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  • Luckystarz103

    So, so far I'm doing pretty well, I'm currently at the second bonfire in the Shrine of Amana, hoping I will eventually get that ring. I've been knda wondering if a player can get more than one of the same Illusory ring, probably can, but ok here is how I have stuffed up so far, or only now realised somethings:

    • Accidentaly lit the bonfire before the Throne of want, so I skipped the first bonfire in Shrine of Amana so I'll have to run back from there if I want to face the final boss.
    • Realised I'll have to run so far back to defeat the Giant Lord.
    • Lost 160k souls to stupid mastodons, but I got their helmet :D.
    • The whole Undead Crypt has only one boss I think.

    I think that's about it.

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  • Luckystarz103

    Mute Playthrough

    December 18, 2013 by Luckystarz103

    Although DS can be quite fun, I'm finding it a bit boring lately, so what I decided to do was, when I finish this playthrough, I will turn off voice and sound, so that I won't hear anything apart from music. I'm just saying I tried it a little bit already and it seems pretty cool.

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  • Luckystarz103

    These memes

    May 25, 2013 by Luckystarz103

    you got yer personal memes, like that derpknight, cain's and brain's, and dey'so funneh T^T

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  • Luckystarz103

    Mine is the full BK armour +5 set with BK Halberd +5 and greatsheild of artorias, SL of 579. you? and i use the silver knight spear +5 for its diviness only in the catacombs.

    in uses:

    5 sunlight spears

    9 pursuers

    and 4 great chaos fireballs

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