So I went through the whole edition and there have been some cool surprises. -**SPOILERSPOILERSPOILERSPOILERSPOILERSPOILERSPOILERSPOILER** alert

So From software did the right thing not spoiling these two things for the players. Being the new illusiory walls and the battle cathedral thingy. It was quite fun encountering an obsticle, or a wall, that needed light to pass on through it. So far I only know of the two, one where the talisman thingy is, and the one leading to the chest with the red tatanite chunk in it. Though it was confusing how Elizibeth just happened to know we are from the future. But also was really cool finding out that Artorias was "Buried" at the Oolacile Sanctuary. It would be interesting finding out what Sif was doing in the chasm of the abyss. I would reckon that Sif, being given the cleansing greatsheil from Artorias, was probably there to hopefully defeat manus and save his companion, or for revenge. Either way I still think that Sif HAS to be summoned to see the new cutscene, as I have saved him on ng and ng+ but on neither ng+ nor ng++ have I seen the cutscene. And it's impossible to get to the dukes archives unless another player trades the ring or something.

Overall the PtDe was really fun and so worth it.

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