• Lv. 99 Kelolon

    Red Phantoms

    April 24, 2014 by Lv. 99 Kelolon

    I am royally cheesed off.

    I was sending a message to another player whom I had just helped fight the Lost Sinner, and while I was doing this I get invaded by a Red Phantom in full Havel's gear and I'm at level 27.

    I could not exit the xbox menu before he was upon me and murdering my ass with a greatsword and hexes.

    Does anyone else have this sort of problem? Every single time I have been invaded by a Red Phantom it has been by a low level player in extremely late game equipment.

    And the guy had the nerve to kill me while I was not active, even though he was already at a large advantage.

    I shot him a message, telling him that wasn't very sporting and he pretended he didn't speak English.

    I wouldn't be so annoyed if I hadn't have lost 400,000 soul…

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  • Lv. 99 Kelolon

    Failed again.

    April 23, 2014 by Lv. 99 Kelolon


    I keep killing 1 - 3 of the first Old Ones...

    And then I get killed by being stupid.

    Does anyone else feel like you get worse at the game as you continue playing? I find myself making increasingly irrational decisions as the day goes on.

    Does anyone have a time limit they give themselves before they take a break? Sometimes that seems like a good idea, but sometimes it also feels like I might lose my train of thought the next time I restart.

    I almost always do very well for the first half of the game and then completely shut down when it comes down to the last stretch.

    I'm currently using a strength build.

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  • Lv. 99 Kelolon

    Dump Rolls

    April 22, 2014 by Lv. 99 Kelolon

    Okay. Blogging commence.

    I started messing around with a build idea today. Fairly simplistic, but effective.

    Essentially I make a character and choose the Petrified Something starting gift and choose the Bandit class. This is for a strength build. I immediately run to the trading nest in Things Betwixt, to trade for the Demon's Great Hammer. If I don't get it I try again.

    Next thing I do is get the enslaved pigs in Majula to kill Maughlin for me and I take his armor set for extra souls. Then I work my way through the Forest of Fallen Giants and use the 13,000 souls or so I have from the areas up until the Cardinal tower to buy an Explorer's hat, 10 lifegems, 5 firebombs, the Pharros Lockstone, and Lenigrast's key. Then I talk to Melentia and …

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